Waiting for My Real Life to Begin

The life and times of a girl named Swishy.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is this thing on???

I don't even know if anyone comes here anymore, but just in case: I suck. I mean, REALLY suck. I always swore I would never be one of those people who just disappeared and then I did. I didn't REALLY disappear, though, I swear. I just sort of went on ... hiatus.

(Lame. So lame. I know.)

SO. I'm coming back for real, I think, pretty soon. I'm not totally sure when, and I'm not totally sure what it will look like, but I'll be doing something.

(If anyone's around to read it anymore!)

P.S. Yes, I am totally watching the Emmy red carpet show right now. I AM the same girl, after all!!!