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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back from the dead

I am not really dead. If I ever DO die, my friend Allee has strict instructions to post the details of my demise. So ... see? I do care! Even though my poor little blog totally has grounds to file for divorce and take the kids away by reason of abandonment these days.

Which is basically my way of saying: Yes, I know I suck. I swear I don't know where the days go. It has been an extremely overwhelming month--not, like, BAD, but busy, so, so busy, compounded by the fact that I would rather sit on the bathroom floor filing my toenails and talking about how busy I am than, you know, actually UN-busy myself. The job has been very busy. Do you know I have a mininum of 42 meetings a month now? 42 meetings! In 20 workdays!

Blah blah blah. I know.

Everything is really good, though. I really can't complain about anything ever, because I have a good job and I know lots of good people AND I even got to go away last week and reclaim a few shreds of my sanity (a few shreds is all I really need anyway). So I'm great, and I hope you're great too. I WILL be better about posting, because I do miss it, but I'm also thinking about giving the whole Twitter thing a shot so that when I can't get a whole post together, I can still do something. I say "give it a shot" because you know I can't commit to anything, least of all a publishing device that limits me to only 140 characters a pop, but I'm here if you're interested and we'll see how it goes. And no, I haven't really posted anything or started following anyone yet, but I will!

In the meantime, a couple of little nuggets:

* I read two books on my little vacay. One was A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby, which I liked very much (f-bombs aplenty, but so funny). The other was a compilation of essays from the Modern Love column in the New York Times. I ADORE Modern Love--I read it every Sunday. If you've never read it, this excellent column from Mother's Day is a good place to start.

* Oh! I also read Emily Giffin's new book The Heart of the Matter before I left. She is on tour now and I was able to go to one of her signings. If you ever have the chance to go see her, I highly recommend doing so. She is wonderful--I just adore her--and the book is great (of course).

* Lost finale ... any opinions? I liked it on its own (I was VERY happy Sawyer and Juliet ended up together) and I like the messages about human connection and everything. At first I was a little bugged that they didn't answer ANYTHING, but the more I let it marinate a little I think I liked it.

* I'm going to a wedding on Saturday and I don't know what to wear.

* I don't even know what I'm wearing to work today, I'm supposed to know what I'm wearing five days from now?

* I hope you're all having a great week. I promise I won't be gone as long this time!