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Saturday, February 03, 2007

TGI freaking F

Feeling very misunderstood today. Siiiiiiiiigh.

I got my glasses! I'm pretty excited, although I don't think I like them. I'm just not a glasses girl, I guess. But I still have to wear them sometimes, and it's nice to have a pair that's actually the right prescription and not totally crooked. I do think I have to get them readjusted though--the lashes on my left eye keep hitting the lens whenever I blink. I'm hoping it's the glasses and not that one set of eyelashes is freakishly longer than the other. I'll post pictures once I get all the kinks worked out!

I also got new workout pants today, which I'm irrationally glad about. They were $14.99 at Target and they're so comfortable they feel like pajamas. I don't think there's any doubt I'll be wearing them on every day off for the next month.

I didn't talk about Grey's Anatomy last night. It was good, huh? Sad, though. In a nutshell: Couldn't love Meredith any more if I tried. I completely get her. Ellen Pompeo killed me in those scenes with her mom. Cristina is awesome: "We'll have money. We'll rent a wife." LOVED IT! Izzie was a total mean girl about Callie and George, but I didn't care because I laughed out loud every single time (although she should have been nicer to tampon girl). Derek needs to stop snapping at Meredith. Alex is hot, hot, hot ... but Addison and Mark? Whaaaaa? (OK, funniest comments ever on TWoP about those two. One called Mark Addison's "hot, human vibrator"; another said something like "riding the McSteamy train while thinking about Alex ... that's what I call the best of both worlds!" And my personal favorite: "Alex Karev, this orgasm's for you!" I freaking love that site.) And finally ... Webber is the biggest asshat ever. He is valedectorian, class president and mascot of the Derek Shepherd School of Denial. I guess you tell yourself what you have to to get by in life ... but, I mean, whatever. I can't say any more about that or I'll get all aggravated.

I saw Catch and Release last weekend and it was horrible. I'm not one to nitpick movies, but holy plot inconsistencies. I was literally like, "What the HELL?!?" out loud, and not just once, either. There were three good things about it: Jennifer Garner and Timothy Olyphant were pretty to look at, the music was good, and the scenery was nice. My friend wants to see Because I Said So this weekend, but I don't know if I dare. Entertainment Weekly gave it a freaking D. A D! I don't think I can handle back-to-back D movies.

I'm eating bridge mix right now. Random, huh? I get it like maybe once or twice a year. I don't eat the whoppers, though--I test them with my teeth to make sure they aren't the jelly ones (those I like) and then I stick them off to the side.

Fergie's on Extra right now. She's doing a bunch of Super Bowl concerts. I think she has a nice body, but I do NOT think she's cute at ALL! I met her boyfriend last year and he is one the most beautiful men I have ever seen in my life. He is EXQUISITE. Pictures and TV do not do him justice. Plus, he's nice. I don't get why he's going out with FERGIE (... when he could be going out with me! Ha ha, just kidding). But anyway, this one website I go to sometimes posted a picture of Fergie next to a picture of E.T. and I'm not going to lie to you, it was pretty damn close. Maybe she has a really beautiful personality. Ha.

My glasses are driving me crazy now. The lash thing is a big issue. I'm gonna have to go back in the morning.

OK, I just flipped channels, and What Not to Wear is on. I kinda want to go on that show, just so I can have someone pick out clothes for me. Have you ever seen that TLC show where they stick you in a glass box in the middle of a crowded public area and let everyone critique your appearance? And then play you the mortifying tape of what everyone said? That is the most masochistic show EVER!

All right, Swishy out. Hope your weekend's off to a good start!


At 2:16 AM, Blogger CruiserMel said...

Okay - first Grey's. I swear, I was on blank mode because I did not get that Addison was fantasizing about Karev while with McSteamy. Seriously, she needs to be with Alex. I know that would be MY choice.

Next! Fergie - I've truly tried to like this girl, for reals. Truly. I canNOT deal with the Fergilcious song. I don't care who the F you are, don't be 'aliciousing about one's self - out loud. 'Nuff said.

As for "What Not To Wear"... uh, I would secretly like to be on that show, but not really. I mean, I couldn't handle the tossing out of the old stuff. That would cut me to the core. You? You think you can handle that? You know they aren't going to throw away that wonderful top you got at Neimans or that great purse from Kate Spade or whoever you happen to be liking at the time. No, they'll toss the BEST stuff.....the stuff you sleep with. I couldn't deal with it.

At 9:48 AM, Blogger kim said...

Grey's: Maybe because I spent all day Thursday with my own mom, but I thought Meredith should have gone off a bit more on her mom. Well said and dignified and compassionate is nice, but when she's carrying that emotional baggage for so long - a little more Sally Field would have worked for me.

Fergie: I had just gotten that London Bridge song out of my head and now you've put it back -- you'll pay for this Swishy -- some how, some way..."my London, London, LondON.

Bridge Mix: We'd be perfect brdge mix eating buddies because I don't like the squishy stuff, but I love the whoppers.

At 11:23 AM, Blogger Karen said...

I love WNTW, but I can't watch it when I'm feeling bad about my hair or when I have PMS. It makes me cry. Mostly because I want my hair cut by Nick Arrojo and I'd love to go shopping with Stacy and Clinton to guide me. No amount of humiliation is too much for that prize. I get so mad at the ungrateful participants.

Also, don't worry about your glasses. Everyone's head is uneven - eyebrows, ears, etc. The optician should be able to help.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Beth said...

I cannot stand Fergie either! She's very annoying like that "Milkshake" girl....she thinks she is so hot, and the girl is Fugly!!!!!

I am loving Grey's...just loving it. Why did I not watch this show before? Please tell me that! it was really sad about Merdith's mom tho....but I love me some George!! God, he is so cute!

I need to rent me a wife...I reall, really do.

At 4:35 PM, Blogger Frannie Farmer said...

I need What Not to Wear. But I would be horrified if I broke out into tears when they rip apart my favorite outfit ...

At 4:48 PM, Blogger Swishy said...

CruiserMel: Alex would SO be my choice, too! And the throwing out part is the one thing I couldn't handle, either.

Kim: Meredith WAS pretty nice. And I'm totally paying, but now London Bridge is in MY head! Ha ha.

Karen: There was a woman on once who had horrible hair and she wouldn't even let them TOUCH it. Not even to trim it. I was, like, throwing stuff at the TV at her.

Beth: Told ya!! So good, huh? And total word on Fergie ... ughh.

Frannie: They ripped some girl's dress last night and she seriously almost DID cry!

At 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh nooooo

No one gets to diss what I wear!! I follow my own fashion, baby and it's about c.o.m.f.o.r.t.

At 5:38 PM, Blogger cubmommy said...

I love Josh Duhamel! Every since his days on All My Children, I have watched him. He is the only reason to watch Las Vegas.

I can't believe you got to meet him that is so cool.

At 9:38 PM, Blogger Jenster said...

I just bought some workout pants at Target for $14.99, too! Love them!

I would love for someone to tell me how to dress better, but I don't want them going through my clothes. So I'll just continue to wear my workout pants and sweatshirts. :o)

At 11:06 PM, Blogger Alyssa Goodnight said...

I haven't seen that 'box show' (yikes!), but I always wonder how I'd handle being on 'What Not To Wear'. I think I'd probably arrive in NYC with the $5000 (it's that much, right?) and head straight for an Old Navy or something. I have trouble spending too much money on clothes, and I cringe when I watch that show!

At 9:31 AM, Blogger Kari Lee Townsend said...

Yeah, I tend to spend all my extra cash on my kids and not myself. I love nice clothes, I just hate shopping for them.

At 11:45 AM, Blogger Bina said...

I don't think they could pay me enough to stand in a glass box and hear all the crap people say about me. Talk about a serious blow to someone's self esteem, or is it just mine? LOL

I love watching What Not to Wear, and I love watching, Plastic Surgery, Before and After. It's freaking amazing sometimes what those surgeons can do to people!

At 11:46 AM, Blogger Bina said...

Ah! Almost forgot. No matter what kind of sunglasses I get, my eyelashes rub the lense and it drives me freaking crazy! So I do completely understand.

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Golightly said...

You've met the hotness called Josh Duhamel - JEALOUS! I would die.

I'd go on What Not To Wear just for the free shopping card and all the stores at my disposal for a new wardrobe - heck yeah, they can make fun of my holey sweatpants that get worn everywhere all they want :)

And Grey's kicked ass! I loved everything except the toxic blood but the relay surgery was kind of neat. Loving Addison!!

At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Eileen said...

I have nightmares where I am in that glass box on TLC. NIGHTMARES.

At 12:44 PM, Blogger Manic Mom said...

Love this post. I want to go on What To Wear too. I need it, you don't!


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