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Thursday, September 21, 2006

So all of a sudden I'm the president of people with crappy lives?

(That's a line Meredith supposedly says in tonight's Grey's Anatomy premiere. I've read it a bunch of places and it made me laugh.)

Thank you all for being so nice to me! Do you ever just feel really tired emotionally? That's what it is. I'm just feeling a little worn out. When you're tired-tired, you can sleep in or take a nap ... I'm not really sure what you do when your SELF feels tired. A vacation, I guess.

Or maybe watch Grey's Anatomy! I remember telling my friend in May, "I can't believe I have to wait FOUR MONTHS to watch a new episode! Four months! My whole life could be different in four months!" Which of course it's not--not even CLOSE!--but back then it seemed like four months was forever. I honestly haven't been that excited this week--I mean, I HAVE, but I also didn't want to get my hopes up too much. But now I'm excited. USA Today had a big thing about it, and tonight's episode got four stars. Four! They described it using words like melancholy, lovely and moving. And next week's is supposed to be funnier, but just as good.

I could go on and on about why I love this show--and someday I just might--but I think what I like the best is that every single character is a little bit unlikeable in some way. Because that's how real people are--we're part good, part bad and we say and do stupid things and then try to fix them in an often clumsy way. I'm especially invested in Meredith--some people who watch the show hate her because she can be a little whiny and does things like drink too much tequila when she feels bad. But that's what I like about her. I understand it when she withdraws because she feels sad and doesn't want to "infect the happy people." Or when she can't get herself out of bed sometimes because the thought of ONE MORE DAY seems too overwhelming. I like that she looks like crap when she's having a bad day. I like that she can be those things and also be really talented and funny, and someone who listens to people and tries to be a good friend. And I want her to be happy.

And now I'm going to stop waxing philosophical about it and go watch the damn thing!


At 9:41 PM, Blogger Beth said...

I am afraid to tell you this....but I've never watched Grey's! Please don't be mad at me! But I think I might have to cuz you like it so much. And Patrick Dempsey is really hot. god, I remember him from those awful 80's movies and he didn't look anything like that. "Can't Buy Me Love"...great 80's movie!

At 11:46 PM, Blogger Swishy said...

OK, Beth, this is your big chance--they rerun the episodes every Friday night! So tomorrow night you HAVE TO WATCH! But watch the recap episode, too, otherwise you'll totally be lost.

OK, seriously, I don't know when Patrick Dempsey got hot all of a sudden. He did nothing for me in Can't Buy Me Love (although it WAS a cute movie). But now? Hottie McFreakingTottie. I would be all over him like velcro if I had the chance.

At 1:19 AM, Blogger Sara Hantz said...

Glad Grey's cheered you up. We've only just had the last series oveer here, so who knows when we'll get the new one. You're so lucky!!!!

Yeah, Patrick sure is one hot guy.....

At 1:23 AM, Blogger Ramblin Rose said...

Okay were a bout 1/2 way thru the season now spill your guts out!!!

Glad your cheered!!

At 1:41 AM, Blogger Swishy said...

RR ... are you SURE you want to know?!?! (Of course, if you read the thing I just posted above this, it'll pretty much give it away.)

It's crazy good. I'll tell you that much.

At 1:55 PM, Blogger Bina said...

I've never watched Grey's either. Geez, Beth and I are still alike! Ha! But my friend Leah is a fanatic about it! She just loves that show and couldn't wait for it to come on. I have been pretty dissapointed in other premiers. I wanted something major and big to happen, but nada - zip. Oh well. Maybe I SHOULD watch Grey's!!!!!


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