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Monday, August 14, 2006

Little bit of this, little bit of that

* I'm a little worried about my karma. The other day, it was this guy at work's birthday, and I remembered around 2. So, as the self-appointed birthday fairy, I ran to the grocery story to get a cookie cake and a balloon. I was in a HUGE rush, though, because I didn't really tell anyone I was leaving and I've been known to get busted for that kind of thing before, so I parked in the "New and expectant mothers" spot. I KNOW! I know, I know, I know. I felt bad the second I got out of the car. I walked into the store and almost ran back out to move the car. But I didn't, and for all I know, some 9-months-pregnant woman with sore feet had to waddle inside from six spots back. TRUST ME, I FEEL BAD ABOUT THIS. I'm just waiting for karma to give me a nice, swift smack upside the head as punishment.

In the interest of full disclosure, however, I should mention that this guy once lured me into a conference room with the express purpose of telling me how much I annoyed him, of how the mere fact that I BREATHED around him was akin to nails on a chalkboard. That was two years ago and I believe we've moved on, but doing something nice for him should still get me the tiniest little karmic gold star, right? Like, maybe this once, the bad thing and the good thing can cancel each other out?

* I got this email from my sister today. She's the classic little sister, the irresponsible, irrepressible, free-spirited party girl (who, as you'll see, is also an absolutely atrocious speller). But she cracks me up.

The email:

To: Swishy Girl
From: Your Crazy-Ass Sister
Subject: LOL!!!!

I went to this bar Friday night with some friends cause they play hip hop too...on a tiny dance floor. I swear it was like white trash house moms gone wild!!! hahaha for real though!!! there were all of these old people grinding on each other. It was nasty, but hilarious cause they were all drunk. there was one woman there that had to be in her 50s...dressed up in pleather hot pants, hooker tights, pleather hooker boots, madonna hair, madonna necklaces and bracelettes, and was grinding on EVERYone on the dance floor ... mid life crisis i suppose. anyways, im gunna go jump in the shower now. ill talk to u later miss thang!!!!

My favorite part: "white trash house moms gone wild!!!"

* I saw Little Miss Sunshine last weekend, and it was SO good. It's the kind of movie that can make your heart hurt one minute and have you falling out of your chair laughing the next. It definitely has a bit of a melancholic feel, but it's very, very funny, too. Steve Carell (who I love) is great, Alan Arkin is HILARIOUS and Abigail Breslin ... wow. She was fantastic. Good, good movie. I can't believe more people don't go see stuff like this instead of some of the unimaginative crap that makes $40 million its first weekend.

Speaking of movies, the official site is up for Zach Braff's new one. I watched the trailer, like, three times in a row. I am VERY excited for this movie. I loooooved Garden State, and I know Zach Braff didn't write this one, but Paul Haggis did, and Zach Braff chose the music and apparently wrote a lot of the dialogue. So it's the next best thing. But I'm starting to worry that my expectations are a little too high. Not that you care, but I can tell you right now I want him to end up with Rachel Bilson--it's the less predictable option--and I don't think he will.

Whatever. I'm still excited. Nice how I call him "Zach Braff" over and over, right? That's totally how I refer to him. Always the full name. When we get married, I'll be like, "Zach Braff, can you pick up some milk on the way home?" "Zach Braff, did you put the cable bill in the mail?" "Zach Braff, I can't reach this spot on my back with the loofah. Can you get it?"

* This kid just walked into my coffee shop wearing a T-shirt that says, underneath a picture of a convertible, "My other ride is your mom." CHARMING, no?


At 9:25 PM, Blogger Beth said...

I want to see that "Zach Braff" movie too!!! I think Rachael bilson is adorable. don't you love "Scrubs"? That's one of our favorites round these parts.

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Scribe LA said...

Yeah... The Last Kiss looks like it will be good. Yay! And, Swishy, I'm sorry to have to break it to you this way, but Zachers is spoken for... but you are more than invited to our next dinner party :-)

At 7:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, bop me on the head I have never heard of the Zach Braff movie!! Perhaps, it's because I'm in Australia, and it hasnt been released?

And for that kids t-shirt did you bop the kid then the mother for letting him wear it?


At 7:45 PM, Blogger Scribe LA said...

Hey Swishy....
Thank for adding moi as a link. Your blog has become part of my daily reads.

At 9:52 PM, Blogger Boo7 said...

Hello Swishyone.....

My sis Trish from over yonder at Coffee House Chatter asked me to let you know that she will be back in cyberland sometime this coming weekend...currently she is at the lake playing house parents (with her hubby) to her own 3 kids, their 4 cousins as well as 2 other kids....9 kids between the ages of 9 & 20....I talked with her this evening and she said that she and hubby feel like they are running some kind of youth camp!! But it's all good and with all the other parents gone and less chaos with less people....they have managed to put some of them to work around the cottage chopping/stacking wood, tidying up...that kind of thing....but also having lots of fun and relaxing too!!!

Funny story.....her hubby was telling me that tonight after supper she gave them a choice......OK you guys can all do the dishes and get them done real quick cuz there are so many of you....Orrrrrrrrrrrrrr you can all go jump in the lake and swim from dock to dock and back again....quite a lengthy swim I might add......well she barely had the words out of her mouth when they were all gone and jumping in and she could enjoy some peace and quite, get them all out of her hair for a while and tidy up the kitchen roflmao!!!!

Well, so I rambled on a bit but there you have it...she asked me to let you know so that you did not fear that she had fallen off the cyber map of blogger land!!!

Take care......


P.S. I enjoy reading your blog....you have an awesome sense of humour!

At 10:08 PM, Blogger mama kay said...

When you marry Zach Braff will you invite me to the wedding because I really want to be able to say "Swishy Braff, Swishy Braff, where did you learn to dance like that?"
Silly I know, but it keeps swimming around my head ..
Scribe LA ... I though Zach Braff and Mandy broke up .. thats the last I heard ..

At 2:01 AM, Blogger Swishy said...

HA! You guys are cracking me up. Yes, Zach and Mandy broke up, and US Weekly keeps telling me Zach is now trying to get himself a piece of Jessica Simpson pie, but I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT. Besides, it can't be true, because he's hooked up with Scribe. (BTW, Scribe ... fine, but then I get Clooney :) And I read yours every day too!)

RR, this movie is sort of a smallish release (or, at least, not quite Superman), so I'd bet a lot of people don't know it's coming out. But you should watch it when it comes!

Thanks for checking in, Barb! Tell Trish I hope she's having a great time!

And finally: "Swishy Braff, Swishy Braff, where did you learn to dance like that?" ... LOL.

At 11:20 PM, Blogger honeykbee said...

I saw some dude wearing that same t-shirt ("my other ride is your mom"). He was out with his kids at the time. Ch-ch-ch-charming.


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