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Monday, May 15, 2006

31 percent and dropping

Tonight is a big night. A very, very big night.

I sound like Jerry Maguire. You know the part? The part where Jerry bursts through the door and starts his "You complete me" speech? That's what I sound like.

But it IS a big night. A big TV night, that is. It's 24, which, of course, is always crazy good, especially this late in the "day." It's Game 4 of the Mavs-Spurs series. (And yes, I care. So sue me.) But the biggest of the big is the two-hour second part of the Grey's Anatomy finale, the one where Addison decides she'd rather take her chances finding someone who really, really loves her than be safe and comfortable in an otherwise less-than-satisfying relationship. The one where they try to save Burke from dying after he's shot in the parking lot. The one where Izzie basically kisses her medical career goodbye. THE one. The BIG one. The one I've had marked on my little mental calendar for weeks--nay, MONTHS.

And of course it also would be the night that our good president has decided he MUST address the nation. This, apparently, can't wait another two weeks until AFTER May sweeps. It has to be NOW.

This has led to all kinds of manuveuring on my end. Seriously. We're talking phone calls, emails, trips to TVGuide.com (which, thank you very much, has issued THREE updates). I sent the latest update to my friend and fellow Grey's fan Allee, and she made an excellent point: Considering his already low approval rating, isn't it a little risky for Mr. Bush to schedule a national address on a night of such OBVIOUSLY important TV shows? Seriously, if it's not over in 20 minutes like they're promising, and parts of these shows get cut out or pushed back, I guarantee that anemic little approval rating will be hovering around the 25 percent mark by morning. This has nothing to do with politics and EVERYTHING to do with the morale of our fine country, a morale that is boosted considerably by stuff such as Jack Bauer beating up the bad guys and McDreamy getting his long-overdue wakeup call.

Presidential speeches during May sweeps? Clearly, the terrorists have won.


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